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Karl Hauk ranks among the great “forgotten artists” of the inter-war period. As an important representative of the “Neue Sachlichkeit” he turned towards the modern subjects of everyday life and gained multiple recognition for his anti-academical style. At the same time, he was in many cases tasked with the design of public buildings such as government buildings, railway stations and housing areas.
Nevertheless, it wasn’t until the beginning of the new millennium that his work gained the deserved recognition, thanks to the enduring rediscovery of the artists of the inter-war-modernism. Kunsthandel Widder (Widder Fine Arts) is in charge of Hauk’s estate and published a catalogue as well as an extensive monograph in 2008. Our collection contains numerous works of the artist which we gladly present to you during a visit of our gallery in Vienna.
If you are interested in acquiring paintings of Hauk, would you please contact us by phone (01 / 512 45 69 or 0676 / 629 81 21) or e-mail at office@kunsthandelwidder.com. If you possess a work of the artist and plan to sell it to us, we are looking forward to your e-mail including a photo and a description.

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